Dispute/Validate a Debt

How to dispute or object to a debt with TRS Recovery Services, Inc.

If you have a dispute or concern related to the item on which TRS Recovery Services, Inc. is collecting, then you may send a letter to TRS or complete the form below so that TRS may research your dispute and/or objection. Please allow 30 days for TRS to process and respond to your dispute.

If you choose to send a letter, you may download and complete the document provided at the bottom of the page or include in your correspondence your first and last name, mailing address, bank routing and account number, and your state issued ID or driver’s license number. In addition, please include the name of the merchant or financial institution, and the TRS Reference number (located on the upper right-hand section of your Collection Notice) or a specific description to identify the item in question. Please include a phone number where you may be reached during business hours and fax or mail this information to:

TRS Recovery Services, Inc.
Attention: TRS Resolutions Department
P.O. Box 674169 
Marietta GA 30006
Fax: 402.916.8140

If you choose to submit the form below, please complete the fields and attach any applicable documentation.

Personal Information


Bank Information

Dispute Justification

Items in Dispute